School Council

Our Governance

The College is governed by an active Council consisting of parents who work with the Principal, elected staff and student representatives to oversee implementation of the school’s strategic plan. The group abides by an adopted Code of Conduct and works together to monitor risk  and performance and promote the benefits of a small rural school education. Community partnership development is a focus, with all developments linked directly to positive quality learning opportunities for our community.

2014 Balmoral Community College School Council

President: Lisa Hutchins
Vice President: Sam Roberts


DEECD Members

Wendy Hobbs (Principal)

Daniel Thomson

Mark Kuchel

Lyndal Shewry

Beverly Munro

Alice Houlihan

Maria Merryfull

Parent Members

Kate Wardlaw

Andrew Tweedly

Tallie Talay

Kaye Parker

Narelle Evans

Luke Rees