2015 Kinder Footy Themed Day

October 19th, 2015

On the last day of Term 3 we decided to have a footy day. Every child had a footy team, we then asked them wear the colours of that team. Some of our big brothers were in a local footy grand final and we were all very excited for them. All the children dressed up and had a great day.

We sang footy songs and danced around the kinder. We also had footy team sheets to colour and we made our own footy tops and balls. Each child had a footy to kick around the yard. We also had little hot dogs and ice creams as a treat.

We linked footy back to our local community and discussed sports and places we go outside of kinder. Sometimes we see Miss Alice playing netball at footy and some children go to hockey or swimming. Our families also have a lot to do with footy some of our siblings go for the same team and some do not. We are always linking our experiences back to the community and our families.