2015 Year 7-10 Canberra Questacon Visit

October 19th, 2015

Smart Skills Workshop (Years 7-10) 

In term 3, students from year 7-10 enjoyed an incursion delivered by enthusiastic young scientists from Canberra’s Questacon Science Museum. The day was split into two workshops in which the students were encouraged to design and test aircraft with very limited materials, MacGyver style.

The Questacon staff brought two wind-tunnels (pictured above) which functioned much like a vacuum cleaner in reverse. Students were given tissue paper; straws; string; adhesive tape; foil and a pair of scissors. With these resources alone they were given the task of creating a craft which had the right aerodynamics to stay afloat within the wind tunnel for over 10 seconds. Too light and wispy, it would shoot out the top. No lift and it would drop straight out the bottom. The students would come up with a design, examine its behaviour in the wind tunnel and go back to the drawing board if unsuccessful.

This was a great hands on experience of the experiment and design aspect of science, and a fun time for all involved. A big thanks to Questacon for providing the students with this opportunity!


Year 10 students  discussing the highlights of the day with Questacon lady


Angus Atchison testing the aerodynamics of his design.


Will this design handle 10 or more seconds in the wind tunnel?