2015 Gilmore Girls Visit

December 14th, 2015

Year 9’s Hit Melbourne with the Gilmore Girls

On the 30th of November to the 3rd of December we Year 9s travelled to Melbourne to catch up with the Gilmore girls again.

After the long train trip we met up with the girls and played laneway cricket with the homeless. This was a great way to get to know the people that lived around the area, and the lives they lived.

Back at Footscray, which was very different to the city, with its ‘grungy’ shops and ‘dodgy people’, we went to dinner at a local restaurant called Roti Road, which was a Malaysian and Chinese themed establishment. Dinner was very nice! After sharing a few yarns with the Gilmore girls, we returned to our backpacker’s retreat in the city. On the way there we came across many entertaining street performers, such as a ‘fire juggling acrobat’, a ‘Luigi’ playing addictive Mario music.

The next day we went on public transport all the way to Footscray and then onto Flemington racecourse. From there we travelled along the steps and tracks that a few weeks ago were filled with excitement and cheer, all while accompanied by the Gilmore girls, Joe McGrath, Sue, Sporting personality ‘Cacker’s’ Keenan, and jockey legends, ‘Midge’ Didham and Mick Mallyon. After walking through both human and animal footsteps, we took in some lovely morning tea and we finally caught a glimpse of next year’s Melbourne cup (the first group of people to see it!). After spending a few hours at Flemington listening to great memories and stories, we headed back to the Gilmore Girls College. After a yummy lunch, we walked down the street to find The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and food bank. Here we learnt about how many people are seeking asylum in Australia and how few we actually take. Also some of the Gilmore families come to Australia this way.

Later that night, we Yr. 9s volunteered at ‘Lentil as anything’, a wonderful restaurant with a pay as you fell policy.  We had the task of cooking, preparing and serving the food as well as designing the menu board with a space and science fiction theme. We then returned back to our accommodation after stopping via federation square to play video games on the big screen, dance on the stage in front of a crowd, and take photos with Lego built Christmas trees, with around 1 million blocks being used to create this Christmas decoration. We also had a Gelato on the walk home along Southbank.

After travelling back to Footscray for the third day and final day, we took a tour with the Gilmore girls around the nearby Victorian University, where some of us gained new ideas for our next career path. After which we returned to Gilmore College for the final time to share with the other girls (yrs 7-9), the stories of our lifetime and the trips to Balmoral that next year’s yr. 9s will have.

That night we had dinner at the school that was cooked by one of the Gilmore girl’s father. We had a delicious Indian curry, for our last night with the Gilmore girls.

After we said our goodbyes, we headed off back to the city; we made one last stop at a shop called Bubble Cup. Bubble cup sold the worst drinks and it tasted horrible. None of us finished a whole bubble cup because it wasn’t very nice, so we kept moving into the city.

During our last night in the city, we walked through the Vic markets. We tried some great foods and watched Mr. Middlebrooks dance with a band. We spent as few hours at the Vic markets and watched a lot of talented people perform and take photos with massive Christmas trees. After a while we finally went to McDonald’s for the first time, and enjoyed some lovely frappes. We caught a few trams back to our hotel and went to sleep

The next morning was the day we were leaving so we only spent a few hours in the city. We went to a few shops, and walked around the city. Soon we had to head to the station, to catch our train from Melbourne to Warrnambool. It took a couple of hours, but the train had a cafe so it was all right.

When we arrived in Warnambool we jumped on a bus that took us to Hamilton all very tired we arrived in Hamilton after an hour and we all went home.