2015 Bakers Shop Fab Friday Afternoon Tea

Posted by amason on March 23, 2015


Beautiful aromas were wafting from the Home Eco room as the Bakers Shop students prepared afternoon tea for their invited guests. Cupcakes, quiches, brownies, sausage rolls, choc chip biscuits, hedgehog, pinwheels and surprise rumballs were on the menu and boy did they look great. It was a great afternoon for the students to showcase their culinary skills and share their learning with their parents, grandparents , friends and teachers.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Bakers Shop cooks and we hope you had an enjoyable afternoon and enjoyed tasting our cooking.

Bakers Shop Students & Mrs M.


2015 Lions Club Speeches

Posted by amason on March 23, 2015


Congratulations to the Yr 6 students who participated in the Lions Club Speeches last Wednesday. It was a wonderful event as the students presented speeches about “Their Passion”. The speeches included farming, dogs, horse-riding, horse racing, different sports, the ocean, guinea pigs, nature and building. It was pleasing to see the students present in a confident and interesting manner. After all the speeches had been presented the judges Mrs Di McLean and Mr James Parker gave each student positive feedback and announced the students who would be progressing to the next level. Good luck to Lachlan Craig, Indeya Talay, Evan Grego, Rachel Duggan, Grace Austin and Liam Daffey for when they present at the Lions Club Dinner Meeting on the 20th April. Thanks to the Balmoral Lions Club for giving our students the opportunity to improve their public speaking skills and thank you to Di and James for acting as judges.

Suzanne Smith & Rhonda Merryfull


Kinder News

Posted by amason on March 16, 2015

Sea Themed Dress Up Night

The Kindergarten had its first family function for the year. As we have been learning about under the sea we decided we would have a under the sea dress up night. The families came to our kinder and we showed our brothers and sisters what we have been making and learning while at kinder. We all shared in pizza and fish and chips for tea. At the end of the night we performed 3 songs, all with actions and words. It was a great night for all. 

Jasper's success at the Dartmoor Rodeo

Posted by amason on February 16, 2015

Last weekend, Jaspar competed in the Dartmoor Rodeo and he received an encouragement buckle and he also came 2nd in the junior bull ride. Well done Jasper. 


Middle School Furniture Makers

Posted by amason on February 16, 2015

Work is underway in the Middle School CAM (Create and Make) Program. The students are using pallets to create some pallet furniture.

If you have any spare pallets that are lying around, please drop them off at the Middle School or near the bus shed at the west end of the school. Your help on this project would be fantastic. 

Keep an eye out on this space as there will be more photos to come of the students furniture creations.