2015 Year 9 Camp - Miga Lake

Posted by amason on June 8, 2015

Miga Lake Camp.

On the 26th of May 2015 the Year 9’s went on a camping trip to Miga Lake. When we arrived at Mrs. Fergusons house, we combined with the Goroke students and set off to Miga Lake which took about half an hour. We had lunch and figured out some riddles in groups with the Goroke students. We had lunch and we walked for 2 hours to Mrs. Fergusons paddock which was our camp site. Mr. Ferguson took all of our swags and equipment to the site, which we were grateful for. We setup our belongings and had a race to see who could set up camp the fastest. After, we made our own team banner, our group was the Flying Turtles. We cooked tea on our trangias but I cooked my tea on my over fire BBQ. Not long after we played some games and got ready for bed. In the morning we packed up all our things and headed back to Mrs. Fergusons house. After spending a short while there we went to Mr. McDonalds farm to see all of his native and exotic plants. Once we rounded up the visit and saw all of his wonderful plants, we were given some seeds that we intend to plant around our school.

We all had a great time and we would like to thank Mrs. Ferguson and Mrs. Francis for organizing this trip Mr. Middlebrook for coming with us and putting up with our nonsense, not that there was any J, Mr. McDonald for letting us come visit his farm and for Mr. Ferguson for taking our equipment. Also Jed for providing us with entertainment. 

By Lewis Hobbs


2015 Eisteddfod

Posted by amason on June 8, 2015

On Tuesday 2nd June 2015, some of our students competed at the Hamilton Eisteddfod. Well done to the Year 6 band and the guitar ensemble who both received Honourable Mentions and to the clarinet ensemble that were placed second for their performance. Balmoral Community College is very proud of your achievement and well done Mr Hayes.


2015 National Simultaneous Story Time

Posted by amason on June 1, 2015

National Simultaneous Story Time was held on Wednesday 27th May 2015. The chosen book was "The Brothers Quibble" by Aaron Blabey. Our guest reader this year was Bev Munro, who has kindly offered to read it to the students whilst they ate their lunch.


2015 Senior Football

Posted by amason on May 25, 2015

Senior Football in Hamilton

Last Monday on the 18th of May, some our students from Years 11 and 12 combined with students from Good Shepherd College in Hamilton to play Football against other regional schools in the area. Teams came from Heywood College, Hawkesdale College, Casterton College and Bayview College in Portland.

The games were played in a round robin style consisting of 24 minutes a game. Balmoral Community College and Good Shepherd won 1 out of 4 games but were highly competitive during all their games and lost by only small margins.

The players from BCC and Good Shepherd played extremely well as a team and displayed great skills and sportsmanship. An injured Tom Hutchins was coach for the day and he encouraged and led his team admirably.

Pete Staude was named ‘Player of the Day’ for Balmoral Community College.

Congratulations to our senior boys!

Bernadette Kirby


2015 Nude Food Day

Posted by amason on May 25, 2015

Nude Food Day – A Huge Success!

Great big congratulations to all Students, Parents and Staff for their wonderful participation in Nude Food Day. The 9/10 students had a very hard job to decide the winners and they were chosen against the criteria we had developed;-  a food item from each of the 5 food groups, at least 3 fresh fruits or vegies, no wrappers, colourful &creative!

                  A special thanks to Jo McCure for all here assistance.

Congratulations to all  winners who received a new lunch box so they can continue to create great healthy, nude lunches.