2015 PAG Visits Year 2

Posted by amason on September 14, 2015

Monday 14th September, the Balmoral Bush Nursing Centre Planned Activity Group joined the Year 2 students to enjoy some singing and dancing. Check out the photos below and a video of everyone dancing the Hokey Pokey.  It was a very enjoyable session. 


Singing Incy Wincy Spider


Dancing the Hokey Pokey


Chatting about school and comparing songs sung at school in different generations


2015 Year 7/8 English College of Crazy Ideas

Posted by amason on September 14, 2015

College of Crazy Ideas

My Yr.7/8 English class attended a workshop earlier this term called the Crazy Ideas College. At this workshop students learnt how to brainstorm, design and pitch an idea. Here are a couple of short movies showing the students ideas from this day.

Watch the videos and then if you would like to vote for one of the ideas you can do this by going to:

One of our teams (Tara, Riley, Matt and Bayden) will receive free movie ticket vouchers for getting over one hundred votes.


Balmoral Paintball Arena

Balmoral Community Gym

2015 Hockey 7s competition in Melbourne

Posted by amason on September 14, 2015

Hockey 7's

Congratulations to all students who were participating at the State Final of the Hockey 7's Championship at Footscray last Thursday. Both the boys and girls teams won 2 games and lost 1. The competition was very strong and the students represented our school and district displaying fine sportsmanship and a positive attitude.

Thank you to Anita Weaver, James Russell and Mr Brennan for all the lunchtime training sessions and for being our coaches at the different levels of the competition. A huge thank you to all the parents, grandparents and friends who went down to support our team. Well done to both teams.


2015 Kinder Book Week Dress Up

Posted by amason on September 7, 2015

We dressed up as our favourite book character for book week. There were lots of different costumes. Some children brought the book their character was from and others brought props we could play with. Even our teachers dressed up. We went to the library for a whole session and read books. The theme of book week this year was ‘books light up our lives’. To promote this the children all helped Miss Lana read by shinning a torch up to the book while the lights were out. It was fun to dress up and take on another role. It promoted self-confidence and allowed our imagination to run wild.


2015 Kinder Town Visit

Posted by amason on August 31, 2015


As a Kinder group we have been concentrating on the community and belonging, we are linking it back to EYLF. We went to Balmoral, we visited the police station, shop, bush nurse centre, op shop, footy and netball oval, post office and bank. We also went to the park for a play. It was a good experience for the children to be aware of the different services that are available to them and to learn more about each business. We will be continuing what we learnt and saw back at Kinder throughout the term. The children also had the opportunity to inform the educators about their previous knowledge. We want to build a positive and long lasting relationship with the children’s community. All the children enjoyed the trip. It was a fun and worthwhile day for all, we also had a great time celebrating Conrad’s birthday. 

What are we learning

Sense of belonging


Caring for others Safely and what to do in an emergency
How to save money

Learning about everyday activities
Being safe in the town

Participation Awareness of others Sense of pride 

We would like to thank all the businesses and people and for being so kind and welcoming us on our visit around town!!!