In August 2007 the Councils of Balmoral High School, Balmoral Consolidated School and the Balmoral and District Kindergarten voted to request a merger of these three educational institutions, to take effect from the beginning of 2009.

December 2006 saw the education sector of Balmoral reviewing the way education was provided in the town and how it could best be delivered into the future. With the assistance of the Education Department a proposal committee was formed under the auspices of the Building Futures Program.

The committee's recommendation followed an exhaustive process, which evaluated the future of education in Balmoral and studied education delivery in other areas as well as extensive consultation with the community. The community was very supportive of the proposal to merge the three educational institutions in the town.

In preparation for the merger, the three organisations developed many plans and projects to smooth the way for a successful transition to K – 12 education in Balmoral.

Balmoral Community College was the name chosen for the newly merged school following extensive community consultation. It was chosen to represent the inclusiveness that the local communities have within the school. As many of the students travelled in on buses from outlying areas it was very important that the new name reflected this.

The Balmoral Community College officially opened its doors on January 1st, 2009.